Workshops and Events

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WORKSHOPS are varied depending on the prevailing needs of our client base. You do not need to be a client to attend. We focus on a high-participation environment with a small number of attendees. Workshops can be one-time sessions or offered as a series.

Workshops include:
CPR and First Aid: Training provided by certified personnel.
Financial Literacy: Workshop focus is based on responses given by attendees on a pre-workshop questionnaire. Balancing checkbooks. Paying bills on time. Opening a bank account. Savings. Budgeting. Use of elementary accounting software. Ideal for young people beginning to learn about managing personal finances, or for anyone just beginning to take charge of their own money.
Healthy Living: Tips for safe meal preparation. Healthy choices when purchasing groceries. Essential hygiene. Home safety tips. Exercise.
Stress Reduction: Recognizing signs of overload. Various coping skills and exercises. Guided meditation. Introduction to basic self-relaxation and meditation exercises. Dietary factors.
Understanding and Adjusting: Dealing with sudden transitions or unwanted changes. Communication skills. Appropriate responses to highly emotional situations.

EVENTS: AIM participates in and contributes to several community events with the goal of fostering increased community understanding and education. We seek to help raise awareness about the kinds of issues experienced by our clients.

Events include:
Parents and Friends of UCP: Annual Golf Classic Fundraiser
Special Olympics events
National MS Society: MS Bike Tour
Harbor Regional Center : HOPE fundraisers and various local and national charities and causes.

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