All AIM service begins with a personal, confidential assessment of the client. During this meeting, an extensive interview is conducted to verify client needs.

Only upon approval of the supporting party (government agency, private family member, community group, etc.) is a Program of Care submitted. This Program will summarize client situation and desired objectives. It will contain recommended actions, suggested care schedule (frequency and nature of visits), and, if applicable, will also suggest additional resources.

* Care Program Outlines can be created on an individual basis to inform concerned persons of the support available from private, community or government sources. AIM creates a schedule of training and services that the client can either apply independently, or use as a reference when seeking assistance.

* Procedures and Compliance for county support: often, people are not aware of local resources that are available, or what is required to request or qualify for these resources. AIM has good business relationships with local agencies and can help take clients through this process.

* Housing Arrangements: AIM can help match clients with special needs to housing facilities and landlords offering living arrangements better suited to those needs.

* Independent Living: AIM can ease the transition to living in a more self-sufficient environment, which involves basic life skills such as management of personal finances, food preparation and hygiene, and home safety measures.

* Mobility Training/Use of Public Transportation: AIM meets with potential clients to assess their potential to

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Persons with questions regarding consumer and applicant appeals procedures may wish to contact the Department of Developmental Services as follows: