What Do We Do?

AIM Living Services has been a provider of community supported living service since 1990. We work with both private parties and government agencies. Our assistance ranges from short-term occasional help with independent living, to specialized and frequent support for those with childhood developmental delays, physical challenges, hearing impairment and age-related difficulties. AIM Living Services values the opportunity to help people gain self-esteem and confidence as they develop increased abilities to care for themselves. Our goal is to help people maintain as much self-sufficiency as possible, for as long as possible.

Clients live in their own homes alone, or with a roommate, spouse, or paid attendant. We conduct scheduled visits to assist with money management/ budgeting, shopping, household maintenance, roommate relations, clerical/ paperwork, medical appointments, scheduling transportation, community integration activities, independent living, supported living and a variety of other individual supports.

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What Service Would You Be Interested In?

Persons with questions regarding consumer and applicant appeals procedures may wish to contact the Department of Developmental Services as follows: